Other sites of interest

Other Related Sites

These sites I have built or are related friends with their own businesses of interest.

Filter Kleen LLC.

Filter manufacturing for water and chemicals, of all kinds. I built this site and previously worked for the company. Now I sell the filters on-line, utilizing the Amazon site.


Owned and operated by Chris Franklin

Kimball Farm Inc.

Having worked at Kimball Farm Ice Cream for ten years, I have a love for Ice Cream. I have created a site that I play with that is focused on the topic of Ice Cream and Kimball Farm Inc.


Atelier Photography LLC

This entity is a versatile photography studio, that leases space to other Artist and photographers. This own photographic services as a news photographer and an artistic media resource.

Owned and operated by

John Love

All resources tie together in some form or fashion, make them work for you!

There is no limitation to computing and the arts in the modern world.

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